Hyper Scale is a podcast created by the New-Zealand-based tech company, ActionHQ. Hyper Scale joins the ranks of podcasts that interview thought leaders in business and tech, and the team at Action HQ wanted branding that would set them apart on all social media and audio streaming platforms.
Three distinct avenues were explored when creating the Hyper Scale wordmark. I wanted to express the idea of scaling up throughout the logo, so distorted letterforms and arrows were used in various ways across the different concepts.

Initially, the same maroon used by ActionHQ's own logo was used for the Hyper Scale, but this didn't seem to stand out enough. A much brighter red was chosen for its uniqueness and striking appearance.
Since we chose a new red color, the ActionHQ team wanted something to tie the new Hyper Scale logo to their initial logo. In the ActionHQ logo, there is a play button inside the 'O', so this was added the 'C' of the Hyper Scale logo to tie them together.

The client also wanted a subheading to the logo: "IB2029" (One billion in revenue by 2029), a personal goal of the client. The subheading was added to create a long-form alternative version of the logo.
I used the finished wordmark with the addition of a subtle dot pattern and circuits to create the finished podcast cover art and assets for social media to promote the podcast.

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